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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our web site!

The following page will tell about us briefly.

 The project has started on the 1st of May in 1998. It has been founded by the enthusiasts of the satellite and cable television and based on the personal experience. It has seemed to be necessary to share the knowledge and to explore the experience of the professionals. The aim to reach has been to place the communication service on the higher level, to combine the experience of many people and to get answers on the vital issues as well.

The project was called "Revera.TV".


In a few years a new commercial structure has been created for a new stage of development. The purpose of it has been the delivery of the demanded and qualitative equipment for construction modern systems of communication. 
At the present moment our project is one of the  leading suppliers of the telecommunication equipment on the South of Ukraine. We perform works for developing and constructing  the systems of cable television, transferring the data (Internet), satellite systems. The huge experience of the professionals working in our project and also the newest equipment allows us to hold the leading position on the given market of services. 

We offer You the comprehensive range of equipment for constructing telecommunication systems and systems of the satellite television. 

The most optimal equipment for constructing the transmitting systems of the television, Internet and multimedia services is at your service.

The basic groups of the equipment brought to Your attention:

 • a cable radio-frequency from the best manufacturers;

 • a fibre-optical cable of various applicability;

 • optical welding stations;

 • cable LAN FTP, UTP (twisted pair);

 • a multicore cable for the signal system and telephonies;

 • the equipment for construction of local networks of any complexity;

 • optical mediaconvertors;

 • converters E1, videoconverters;

 • the head and user's equipment;

 • every possible box and Fiber Optic Splice Closure;

 • Optical pigtails, optical patch cords;

 • an accessories and systems of hermetic sealing;

 • dividers, ответвители main and user's for systems of cable TV;

 • head cable stations;

 • modulators carriers, digital converters;

 • systems of conditional access;

 • optical transmitters and receivers for length of a wave 1310 and 1550nm;

 • a full spectrum of the main, submain and house amplifiers with the active and passive return channel;

 • blocks of a remote feed{meal} of systems KTV;

 • коннектеры and adapters 5/8 and F type;

 • adaptations for cutting and installation of a cable;

 • head cable modems of system DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS;

 • user's cable modems of conducting manufacturers;

 • measuring devices for construction and monitoring of communication networks;

 • cable digital receivers DVB-C;

 • satellite digital receivers DVB-S including (HDTV);

 • receivers for ground digital TV DVB-T;

 • the module of conditional access PCMCI CAM;

 • computer receivers PCI and USB for the Internet and TV of high clearness (HDTV);

 • satellite and ground reception aerials;

 • converters, amplifiers satellite and radio;

 • masts and other fastenings for aerials;

 • switchboards, мультишалтеры;

 • engines and позиционеры for remote turn of aerials;

 • cords connecting for video and a sound;

 • filters of addition, packing, режекторные and strip;

 • active splitters, аттенюаторы;

 • remote controls and radio extension pieces;

 • periodicals and the literature.

At your desire we can develop and make the special devices, which are not batch produced.

More than 1000 items are always available. Any equipment for solution of Your tasks will be delivered in the shortest terms. The special terms of delivery will be worked out for regular customers! 

Because of considerable and unique experience in constructing networks of the cable television, systems of data transmitting, receiving systems of the satellite television we are ready to perform for You work either usual or non standard configuration. Our installation teams perform their tasks on the highest professional level. The complexity of the tasks can be limited only by Your imagination. 

The basic services, offered by our project:

• development and installation of head studios of a cable television;

 • development and installation of systems of the cable Internet of systems DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS (the certificated system of billing);

 • individual and collective satellite systems of any complexity;

 • satellite systems for automobiles, yachts and boats;

 • systems of reception of radio TV of any complexity;

 • installation of optical and coaxial communication lines;

 • construction of low-current communication networks (TV, video observation, video-registration, a telephony, the Internet, systems of access, the security signal system, the fire signal system, systems of protection of perimeter).


Having our own guarantee-service center we provide the full support of the technical problems on the appropriate level. You can be sure that any problems with Your equipment will be solved in the shortest terms.

We are also ready to repair the equipment, which has not been purchased at our place, to update it and to guarantee its repair. 

It is obvious that team approach and huge experience in the sphere of telecommunication is necessary for solution such serious tasks. Our team consists of highest class professionals with more that ten years of experience in the area of the telecommunication.

The basic requirement in selecting stuff is professionalism, ability to work in the team, high level of responsibility and passion to work. Our stuff entirely consists  of people who love their work. That is why they are ready to carry out any problem.

New technical decisions appear almost every day in the sphere of our activity.

Non standard and specific decisions are very often needed, we are ready to work out a project of any difficulty for You.

We possess our own research laboratory, which is equipped with all necessary devices and measuring tools. Your problem will be easily solved. We keep the contact with the leading manufacturers, perform testing of the equipment for them , which will be offered for our customers in the future. 

We analyze the work of the world manufacturers in order to offer the advanced decisions. Our representatives attend goods shows and conferences all over the world, which lets us, offer You only the newest decisions.
The wish of the customer is the priority in performing our work: either it is delivery of the equipment or installation work.
Many years’ experience proves the correct course of our development. The confirmation of that fact is our clients – practically all telecommunication companies on the South of Ukraine and also companies in other regions of our country.

We hope that our project will be helpful in solution of your problems and we look forward for effective cooperation!

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